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December 8, 2011

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wedding day prep

Wedding Day Prep

If you are looking to save money (and time) on your wedding day then applying your own wedding makeup can help. Keep in mind that good makeup will cost you money and may come out about the same as allowing a makeup artist do it. However, you will have the makeup to use later, you will learn some great techniques for “everyday life”, and you will rest easy knowing that you are going to look like… well, you! If you do use a makeup artist then try to see them at least one other time before the wedding so you will find out if their style is your style (blue eyeshadow anyone?!)

Brides magazine recently posted some great foundation steps. Combine that with a few tips and your skin will look great on your wedding day!

  • WEDDING FOUNDATION STEP ONE: Apply eye cream and a moisturizer, wait 5 minutes, then apply a primer.
    • TIP: if your skin is oily then use a moisturizer for oily skin or none at all. You do not want your foundation to slide off your face during the ceremony.
  • WEDDING FOUNDATION STEP TWO: Using a firm brush, apply concealer around your eyes and inside the creases by your nose. Use it sparingly and blend well.
    • TIP: You can make your nose appear smaller by putting a light concealer line along the top ridge of the nose. Again, use it sparingly and blend it well!
  • WEDDING FOUNDATION STEP THREE: Apply liquid foundation with a soft foundation brush. Use a circular motion, go over your eyelids, and blend along the jaw.
    • TIP: Mineral foundation is all the rage now, but it does not look as good in pictures. The light from the camera will hit the mineral makeup differently than liquid, making your face appear shiny.
    • TIP 2: Brides magazine sent an undercover shopper to buy 3 shades of makeup at a drugstore and try to return 2 of them. She had no problem at CVS or Walgreens, but did not have the same luck at Target. Use these CVS shopping tips or Walgreens shopping tips to get your wedding foundation for free.
    • TIP 3: A good makeup brush set is another thing you can pick up at Amazon for cheap (right now you can find a set of 13 brushes for as low as $10 shipped)
  • WEDDING FOUNDATION STEP FOUR: Put some foundation on the back of your hand, pat it with a sponge, and tap it onto areas that need more coverage.
  • WEDDING FOUNDATION STEP FIVE: To combat shine, use a fluffy brush to sweep a tiny bit of translucent powder all over your face.
    • TIP: Keep this in your bridal bag so you can continue to combat shine through the wedding reception.

Practice makes perfect! Give these steps a shot and your skin will look great for your wedding pictures.

This post is inspired by Brides magazine and the foundation steps come from the November issue. If you are looking for a great budget wedding magazine, Brides is it!

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best waterproof mascara for wedding

Best Waterproof Mascara

I love Brides Magazine it is a great budget wedding magazine that you can get for cheap when you order a subscription (or spend a fortune buying each issue)! They always have great tips and this month they staff-tested waterproof mascaras. Waterproof mascara is a must for your wedding. Even if you do not think you will cry, play it safe and use a waterproof mascara. These are the best waterproof mascaras according to Brides Magazine:

This waterproof mascara is the cheapest of the group. You can even pick it up online for less than $5 (or maybe even free if you use free amazon gift cards to pay for it). If you are looking for the best budget mascara then give it a shot! If you want to splurge a little (wedding makeup is important since it will show up in all your pictures) then try one of the other options.

If you are worried about applying your own mascara then try Urban Decay. The description looks great! Unfortunately I couldn’t find it for less than $20 online, but it might be $20 well spent.

Long name, but great reviews! If you are comfortable putting your own mascara on then I think the $5 difference between this one and the best application mascara is a good upgrade. Unfortunately the link takes you to a page where it is on sale for more than $25 (currently at least), but at least you can read the description.

The reviewers said that this waterproof mascara curled, lengthened, separated, and volumized, all without clumping. For $5 more it isn’t a huge splurge compared to the best overall. It is a splurge compared to the drugstore mascara, however, so you decide!

There are four great best waterproof mascara options with prices ranging from $8 (less than $5 online) to $30.

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Wedding Day Flowers

Wedding Day Flowers

When you are planning a wedding it is easy to forget something! There are so many small things that need to be done. The best tip I can give you for your wedding checklist is to do things as early as possible. You do not want to get down to the last month with a million things on your list! Here is a wedding checklist. Feel free to add things as needed!

12 Months

10 Months

  • Decide who will perform the ceremony
  • Choose your attendants (and be sure to ask them! We were in a wedding where the couple forgot to ask one of the attendents and was left wondering why he wasn’t participating a month before)
  • Start your guest list (you need to know this early – many of your budget wedding issues revolve around the size of your guest list)
  • Decide on the flowers you want. Consider using in-season wedding flowers or using silk flowers to save money!

8 Months

  • Book help! Caterer (sometimes this will come with your venue), Florist, DJ, and photographer
  • Create a wedding website
  • Order your dress – here is a way you can order a designer cheap wedding gown

6 Months

  • Meet with your vendors to plan details
  • Order the wedding invitations
  • Register
  • Order the wedding rings
  • Book your honeymoon
  • Reserve wedding day transportation

4 Months

  • Order the bridesmaid dresses and the groomsmen/grooms tuxes (or suits)
  • Schedule the rehearsal dinner

2 Months

  • Find your ceremony readings and songs
  • Mail your invitations (out of state invitations should be mailed around 10 weeks before the wedding, in state invitations can wait until 6-8 weeks before)
  • Decide on your hair, makeup, and accessories
  • Find favors for your wedding reception

6 Weeks

  • Print the programs
  • Buy gifts for your parents and people in your wedding party
  • Send the announcement to the newspaper

2 Weeks

  • Get your final wedding day schedule down
  • Get the marriage license
  • Give your DJ all the songs you want during your reception

1 Week

  • Pick up your dress
  • Pack for your honeymoon
  • Relax! Schedule any waxings or facials now

1 Day

  • Manicures and pedicures!
  • Get ready to enjoy your day

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