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October 13, 2011

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Wedding Day Flowers

Wedding Day Flowers

When you are planning a wedding it is easy to forget something! There are so many small things that need to be done. The best tip I can give you for your wedding checklist is to do things as early as possible. You do not want to get down to the last month with a million things on your list! Here is a wedding checklist. Feel free to add things as needed!

12 Months

10 Months

  • Decide who will perform the ceremony
  • Choose your attendants (and be sure to ask them! We were in a wedding where the couple forgot to ask one of the attendents and was left wondering why he wasn’t participating a month before)
  • Start your guest list (you need to know this early – many of your budget wedding issues revolve around the size of your guest list)
  • Decide on the flowers you want. Consider using in-season wedding flowers or using silk flowers to save money!

8 Months

  • Book help! Caterer (sometimes this will come with your venue), Florist, DJ, and photographer
  • Create a wedding website
  • Order your dress – here is a way you can order a designer cheap wedding gown

6 Months

  • Meet with your vendors to plan details
  • Order the wedding invitations
  • Register
  • Order the wedding rings
  • Book your honeymoon
  • Reserve wedding day transportation

4 Months

  • Order the bridesmaid dresses and the groomsmen/grooms tuxes (or suits)
  • Schedule the rehearsal dinner

2 Months

  • Find your ceremony readings and songs
  • Mail your invitations (out of state invitations should be mailed around 10 weeks before the wedding, in state invitations can wait until 6-8 weeks before)
  • Decide on your hair, makeup, and accessories
  • Find favors for your wedding reception

6 Weeks

  • Print the programs
  • Buy gifts for your parents and people in your wedding party
  • Send the announcement to the newspaper

2 Weeks

  • Get your final wedding day schedule down
  • Get the marriage license
  • Give your DJ all the songs you want during your reception

1 Week

  • Pick up your dress
  • Pack for your honeymoon
  • Relax! Schedule any waxings or facials now

1 Day

  • Manicures and pedicures!
  • Get ready to enjoy your day

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Wedding Turntable

Wedding Reception Music

The average wedding now costs somewhere in the region of £18,000 – which is enough to turn any blushing bride a little white with shock. Yes, it’s supposed to be the biggest and best day of your life, but does it really warrant blowing so much cash in what is effectively 24 hours?

If you’re a bride or a groom who’s looking to save money on your impending nuptials, check out these great suggestions. Not only will they help you save the pennies, they could also make for a truly unique day.

Creative Wedding Catering

For most weddings, the single biggest expense is feeding your guests. Many brides and grooms feel they need to stick with tradition in offering guests a sit down three-course meal – which is when costs really start mounting up. If you’re on a tight budget, however, you should consider the different ways you might feed your guests.

Perhaps try an afternoon tea, with easy-to-prepare, cold foods such as sandwiches and cake. You could even organise a wedding picnic where every guest is asked to bring a dish. Also, think about swapping fancy dining for ‘bowl food’ such as curry, stew or shepherds pie – it may not look as posh but it’s hearty and cost effective.

A serve yourself buffet or BBQ can also keep  the costs down on waiting staff. You might even approach a local café or take-away (like your local fish and chip shop) who may be happy to cater for smaller parties at a very reasonable price.

Bring your own Drinks

Drink is another large cost – especially when it comes to expensive per head drinks packages in hotels. Look for venues that allow you to ‘bring your own booze.’ That way, you can provide all the alcohol and soft drinks needed for your party at a price that’s right for your budget.  Many people opt to hop across the channel for cheap wine and champagne in France. There are also some great supermarket deals to be had on wine and beer here in the UK.

If you’re using a catering company, they’ll probably charge a corkage fee – to cover the costs involved in serving the drinks (normally charged per bottle opened). Even with this fee, it will still normally work out much cheaper to provide your own. You could even invite each guest to bring a bottle of bubbly in place of a gift!

Playlist vs. Live Reception Band

Live bands and DJs can demand large fees for playing at weddings (as well as a hot meal in some cases). However, you can create a great atmosphere and lively dance floor simply using a laptop/I-pod playlist. You will probably have to hire speakers and lights, but it could work our much cheaper than hiring a live act.

If you’re still keen on a band – check out local bands on MySpace or go to local gigs for inspiration. Approaching a local band directly could help save on agency fees and travel costs for your live act.

Second Hand or Vintage Wedding Attire

Clothing for a wedding can end up costing a small fortune, especially if you’re footing the bill for bridesmaid dresses too. There are some great second-hand deals out there on wedding attire – particularly for wedding dresses.

If you have your eye on a designer frock, check out, to see if you can pick it up second hand for half the cost. Most of the dresses advertised will have had a professional clean included in the cost.

Email invites

Beautifully designed ‘save the date’ cards and invites may look delightful, but they can be a rather unnecessary cost. As most people are online these days, you could consider an email invite/save the date. You can still make the email look attractive – but you’ll save on all the design, printing and sending costs.

A wedding website might also prove a good idea, so all the details of the day can be easily accessed online. is an American website that helps you to create your own wedding webpage – and what’s more, it’s absolutely free!

Protect the Wedding Plans

And finally, make sure any plans you do make are covered with adequate wedding insurance. If you’re on a tight budget, you may feel that insurance is another added cost you don’t need – but it could actually save you money if things don’t run to plan.

For example, if venues or suppliers let you down last minute – your insurance could help cover the costs involved. It might even protect you from the impact of bad weather. Take a look at the wedding insurance packages on offer and decide whether the protection is right for you.

This guest article was provided by insurance specialist Policy Expert.

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Second Wedding Rings Picture
Wedding Rings – Second Wedding Post

Most of the etiquette rules we have for weddings were originally intended for first weddings and come to us from a time when people generally did get married for life – whether they ended up being miserable in their marriages or not! These days, though, second weddings are more and more common, and there’s no reason that a new couple shouldn’t enjoy a beautiful wedding just because it isn’t the first time around for one or both parties involved!

The biggest problem with second weddings, though, can be deciding who pays for what. Tradition dictates that with a first wedding, the bride’s family pays for the wedding, and the groom’s family pays for the rehearsal dinner and the honeymoon. With a second wedding, though, the couple getting married is likely to be older and better established, and they may not want or be able to rely on their families for help with the expenses surrounding another wedding.

So, if you’re getting married the second time around, what do you do? The truth is that it really depends on your situation. The following tips will help you hash out who pays for what well ahead of time, as you’re setting up your wedding budget.

Ask for second wedding help, but don’t assume

The only way to find out if your family is willing and able to help finance your second wedding is to ask. Don’t assume that your family just won’t pitch in and not ask about the possibility, but don’t assume that they will cover all the expenses, either. Go to your parents – and, if appropriate, even your grandparents – and ask if they are able or willing to pitch in towards your wedding expenses.

In many families, parents will want to pay for a few specific things, such as flowers, food, or the venue. In others, your families may want to write you a check for a certain amount toward your overall wedding budget. Of course, just as with a first wedding, the family isn’t absolutely obligated to pay for anything, so if your families don’t want
to pitch in, that’s okay, too.

Check out your own wedding budget

If your family isn’t able or willing to pay for the bulk of your second wedding expenses, then check out your own budget and see how much you can afford to spend on your own. The first rule of thumb is never to go into lots of debt to have a wedding! With a little bit of creativity, you can cut back your wedding budget to a reasonable amount so that you can pay for your own dream wedding without taking on a ton of debt. Here are a few ways to bulk up your wedding budget or cut back on wedding spending so you can pay for most of your own wedding:

  • Consider using DIY decorations and invitations, which can be much, much more affordable.
  • Price out different venues, and don’t ask for wedding pricing for reception venues. Many places, such as hotels, will automatically mark up the price if you’re having a wedding reception rather than a regular party!
  • Cut down on the guest list and invite only those who are a major part of your lives.
  • Extend your engagement and set up a savings plan so you can save up more money before your big day.
  • Shop for wedding items – such as your wedding dress, decorations, invitations, etc. – when they’re on sale, which is normally at the end of the traditional “wedding season” in the summer.
  • Get married in the winter, on a Sunday, or on a weekday to save money on services and venues.

These easy tips can help you fit a wedding into your own budget, even if it’s fairly limited. While the average amount of money spent on a wedding is in the tens of thousands of dollars, by being reasonable and making good choices, you can have a great wedding for under $10,000!

A second wedding as a gift

One of the best ways to trim your wedding expenses is to ask talented friends and family members to donate their services to your wedding as a gift. If you know someone who is a fantastic baker, ask that this person give you a wedding cake rather than a traditional wedding present. You can get lots of pieces of your wedding together in this
manner – from photography to catering to invitations! Generally, people want you to have the day of your dreams and will be willing to help with that, even if it means giving you a less than traditional gift.

Deciding who pays for a second wedding is always tricky in this modern era, but by first asking your family, then looking at your own budget, and then asking for wedding items as gifts, you can have the second wedding of your dreams without breaking the bank!

Daniela Baker blogs with CreditDonkey.  As someone who’s been married for nearly ten years, she hopes this post will help make your second wedding, a beautiful memorable wedding.  She says, while you don’t want to go into a lot of debt for a wedding, having a credit card set aside for wedding expenses can make sense. One of her favorite wedding tip is to consider a credit card with airline mile deals that you could use for your honeymoon. All the wedding related expenses can help earn you a free flight.

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