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January 31, 2010

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Wedding PartyHi!  I am Heidi from the blog Little People Wealth.  A wedding is one of the most expensive celebrations you will host.  You have to learn how to balance getting a beautiful, memorable wedding and not starting your life out in debt. Budget a Wedding will help you have a cheap wedding (while not sacrificing the things you want) so you can start your marriage out debt free.

I used so many “tricks” to budget my wedding in order to get the day that I wanted while staying under our budget.  We even had the honeymoon of our dreams (Hawaii) for two weeks for less than $1800 – food, plane, hotel, EVERYTHING.

I helped friends and family keep their wedding under budget and after brides started contacting me through Little People Wealth to ask me for more wedding specific deals I realized that there are a lot of people out there that I could help.  Little People Wealth is more about how you can save money everyday so I decided to start a how to have a cheap wedding blog.

I’m glad to help you save now so you can plan for a lifetime!  Welcome to Budget a Wedding!