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December 9, 2011

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Honeymoon Travel

Save on Travel

I have posted money saving tips for your honeymoon before, but this one is super easy! Once you have the location and time picked out you can save a lot of money by booking online through Ebates.

Ebates is a money saving rebate site. You sign up for an account, then use their links to go to your shopping location. They send you a rebate after your purchase. You will also get $5 when you sign upĀ  (you will need to earn $5 in your own rebates before you can cash the extra $5 out). If you are looking for a way to boost your own rebates to get the extra $5 then check out the magazine section. There are rebates for up to 40% off many great wedding magazines. You can find a longer description of how Ebates works at Little People Wealth’s post on how to use ebates.

So how does Ebates save you money on your honeymoon? If you book your hotel through ebates they will give you a cash rebate! Hotel rooms are expensive so this can add up fast. Right now hotels such as Fairmont, Sheraton, W, Holiday Inn, and Westin hotels are offering a 2%-5% rebate. On a $1000 hotel stay you could be saving $20-$50.

If you want to double your savings then you can use Ebates to book your car rental as well and they even have a few air travel sites with rebates. Save even more by purchasing restaurant gift certificates through them ( offers 30% back and 50% off at their site so a $50 certificate could cost you as little as $17.50).

After you sign up for an Ebates account click on the “Travel and Vacations” link at the bottom of the left sidebar to see all of the deals. Happy traveling!


Budget Wedding Magazine

Coffee and Magazine

Budget wedding magazines are the best way to get inspiration for your cheap wedding without breaking the bank. You can combine deals to get a wedding magazine subscription for pennies! You can use this deal on all subscriptions, not just the budget wedding magazines. If you already have a subscription then you can use this deal to lengthen the subscription that you already have. Here is how you can get the deal:

STEP ONE: Create an account at Ebates and use their link into All new Ebates accounts will get a $5 sign up bonus. The $5 bonus will make some of the budget wedding magazine subscriptions free!

STEP TWO: Choose the budget wedding magazine subscriptions that you want. Usually you will get 26% cash back for shopping at through Ebates and occasionally they will run a special where you will get 51% cash back! The budget wedding magazines are under women – wedding, but there are hundreds of other magazines on the site as well.

STEP THREE: Checkout, Ebates will automatically credit your Ebates account with a rebate on your purchase! You will pay the full price and then a few weeks later the rebate will show up in your account. You can then choose to have that money sent to you via a check or paypal.

Here are some of the budget wedding magazines available:

  • Brides or North American Inns (listed as a wedding magazine) – $20 with a $10.20 rebate and $5 sign up bonus = $4.80
  • Bridal Guide – $11.97 with a $6.10 rebate and $5 sign up bonus = $0.87
  • Martha Stewart Weddings – $16 with a $8.16 rebate and $5 sign up bonus = $2.84
  • Weddings Jamaica – $17.59 with a $8.97 rebate and $5 sign up bonus = $3.62

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