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">Should You Use (Gasp!) Fake Flowers?

August 2, 2011

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Red Rose Bride Bouquet

Bridal Bouquet

Using fake wedding flowers might seem like something your Grandmother will frown upon, but it can be a great way to save money on your wedding! As with everything, if real flowers are important to you then get them! Know your wedding budget priorities so you can afford the things you really want, but you are not spending money on the things you do not care about. Flowers are a huge expense in a wedding. Contrary to what vendors would like you to believe, you do not need fresh, expensive, wedding flowers.

Fake wedding flowers have come a long way in the last decade. You can now find fake flowers that are hard to tell apart from the real ones. You can even find fake flowers that are wilted, dried, or have brown spots (although if you are going to go fake then get the ones that look amazing over the wilted ones). These realistic fake flowers will cost you more than the ones you find at a dollar store, but they are worth it. If you have a store such as Hobby Lobby in your area then wait until they go on sale. Your target price should be 50% retail (unless you get in a time crunch and need them sooner).

A few benefits to choosing fake flowers:

  • You will be able to keep your bouquet (in “like new” condition) for as long as you want. No drying, no crumbling.
  • You are not limited by what is available for your season. You will be able to choose any wedding flower you want, in season or not.

If you are not completely sold on using fake flowers at your wedding then consider using both. You could use real flowers in your bouquet and fake as centerpieces or vice versa. Just because you have your heart set on using real flowers for part of your wedding does not mean you can’t fake it elsewhere!

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Wedding Color Scheme

Choosing the best wedding colors for your own wedding is one of the first things you will do after you are engaged. Maybe you dreamed of your best wedding color since you were six or maybe you have never given it a second thought. Unfortunately, even if you do have a “favorite” wedding color, you have a lot of decisions to make!

David Bromstad, host of HGTV’s Color Splash suggested that you choose three colors for a color palette. The dominant color should be used approximately 60% of the time, the secondary color 30%, and an accent color 10%. Wedding color palettes that use three colors allows flexibility, but still allows you to keep your design consistent.

Keep the dominant wedding color close to your heart. The best wedding colors will mean something to you.

  • If you are an outgoing person then red, orange, and pink are fun colors.
  • Calm colors are blues and greens.
  • Yellow is a fun modern color.
  • Purple is often used in more vintage looks.
  • If you are looking for sophistication then go with a dominant color of brown or black, both can be beautiful wedding colors.

Once you have the dominant color picked out then it is time to research your secondary and accent colors. You can use neighboring (similar colors that are adjacent on the color wheel) or complementary (opposites) colors. This really depends on the overall look that you want.

  • Neighboring colors tend to produce a calm harmonious feel.
  • Complementary colors are more modern and bright.

Color scheme websites can help. My favorite is Color Scheme Designer. I also like Think Ink, a free iPod app (if you do not have an iPhone than it is worth it to get an iPod Touch simply for the helpful and organizing wedding apps that you will be able to use while planning your wedding). Colorschemer Touch is another fun iPod app although it does cost $2.99.

When I am making a color palette I like to keep the accent color options open. Once you have your dominant and secondary colors picked out you will begin to pick out items that you like in that color and you may find something you want that already has an accent color you can use. Or, you may find that you find something you absolutely love (a flower or accessory for example) that is a different color than your dominant or secondary color choice.  When you find that you will have the perfect accent color.

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The recent royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton was a magnificent occasion. The guest list ranged from the Queen, the royal family and other royal families, to well known couples such as Elton John and David Furnish and the Beckhams through to locals from Kate’s home village. Thanks to the extensive media coverage it was also a day that the public could also share in. This was also aided by the fact that an extra public holiday was granted in honour of the occasion. Organising a wedding favours those with the ability to plan well and in detail and the royal wedding was a prime example of excellent and precise military planning.

This was particularly in evidence during the televised part of the day – the wedding ceremony itself. The arrival and departure times of all the guests were carefully choreographed and as a result it all appeared seamless. Getting 1,900 guests into the abbey at the correct time is something that must have taken those in charge a great deal of time to plan, but it all paid off as everything went without a hitch. The couple were reputed to have been closely involved in all the planning process, particularly the bride. This included such obvious areas such as her dress to the music and the design of the cake. She went for the traditional, tiered fruit cake, whereas Prince William insisted on having one of his favourites, chocolate biscuit cake. The more traditional cake was decorated with a multitude of sugar paste flowers, which all had a symbolic meaning.

For brides interested in symbolism an excellent tradition to include in the big day is the Italian custom of wedding favours. In Italy wedding favours were a way of thanking guests for coming to share the day and to give them a keepsake to take home. The tradition was to give 5 sugared almonds to represent health, wealth, happiness, fertility and long life. This attractive custom has since become customary in many British weddings, with many couples adding their own touch by choosing personalised boxes or bags to put the wedding favours in.

Wedding favours are a way for the bride and groom to give something special to each guest. In return guests can help capture memories by creating a wedding guest book. These are often organised by close family members rather than the bride and groom themselves. A wedding guest book allows everyone to write down a special message, whether it is a memory of a time they have shared in the past or simply congratulations and best wishes for the future. An extra touch can be to get the wedding guest book personalised with the names of the couple or even a picture of them on their wedding day. Alternatively a recent custom has been to get a couple of large plates and get guests to write a message on the plates which are then fired and given to the couple as a unique keepsake of their big day.

Personalised wedding gifts are also a great way of giving the bride and groom something that will simultaneously remind them of their big day but also of their relationship with you. Personalised wedding gifts can range from practical items such as jugs, platters and mugs to more decorative items such as photo frames. William and Kate asked for most of their wedding gifts to take the form of donations to charity but there were a number of commemorative items produced to mark the occasion. Such personalised wedding gifts included mugs and tea towels and will probably be treasured by their recipients for the rest of their lives.

The royal wedding was a great occasion of state. State coaches were used; the household cavalry provided escorts and all the royal family from the most senior to the most junior attended, along with several other royals from around the world. However it also managed to be a private day for a couple who wanted to show their commitment to one another in the time honoured fashion of getting married. It was their wedding day and their devotion to one and other was evident throughout.

However as it was a royal wedding it was also a day in which the public could and did get involved in. This was undoubtedly assisted by the extra bank holiday followed by a scheduled one, making a four day weekend for most. The British public therefore celebrated in style with street parties up and down the country and many thousands lining the procession routes to cheer the couple.

It was a massive state occasion, yet still a private celebration, which is what made it so special and helped make it such a success. The royal wedding epitomised much that is great about Britain – a wonderful pageant organised with military precision.


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