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December 9, 2011

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I have posted money saving tips for your honeymoon before, but this one is super easy! Once you have the location and time picked out you can save a lot of money by booking online through Ebates.

Ebates is a money saving rebate site. You sign up for an account, then use their links to go to your shopping location. They send you a rebate after your purchase. You will also get $5 when you sign upĀ  (you will need to earn $5 in your own rebates before you can cash the extra $5 out). If you are looking for a way to boost your own rebates to get the extra $5 then check out the magazine section. There are rebates for up to 40% off many great wedding magazines. You can find a longer description of how Ebates works at Little People Wealth’s post on how to use ebates.

So how does Ebates save you money on your honeymoon? If you book your hotel through ebates they will give you a cash rebate! Hotel rooms are expensive so this can add up fast. Right now hotels such as Fairmont, Sheraton, W, Holiday Inn, and Westin hotels are offering a 2%-5% rebate. On a $1000 hotel stay you could be saving $20-$50.

If you want to double your savings then you can use Ebates to book your car rental as well and they even have a few air travel sites with rebates. Save even more by purchasing restaurant gift certificates through them (restaurant.com offers 30% back and 50% off at their site so a $50 certificate could cost you as little as $17.50).

After you sign up for an Ebates account click on the “Travel and Vacations” link at the bottom of the left sidebar to see all of the deals. Happy traveling!


I hate clutter… really. Despite that, I still have it (and I’m sure many of you do too). The crazy thing is, I do get rid of clutter. Then it comes back, again, and again, and again. When we first bought our house it seemed empty; now it is full.

Many of you probably already rent or own a home. It might be with your fiance, it might not (if it is not then you have the added frustration of trying to combine your belongings). Either way, you will have to add your registry items to your collection.

It is insane how easily it is to quickly accumulate “stuff”.

Here is where Barb comes in, she writes a blog called Cleaning up the Clutter. Here is what Barb says about herself:

My name is Barb. I’d rather be writing and reading, but first I have to make dinner, declutter the garage, clean the bathroom, get groceries, do laundry, check homework, make Play-doh dinosaurs, feed the dog, practice spelling words, sweep, shovel snow, pay the bills, put laundry away, plan a den meeting, read bedtime stories…

She has a great post up right now on Victorian style spring cleaning. I can hardly handle “normal” spring cleaning! I must admit I have looked on the Merry Maids site to see the list of things they do to see if there is anything I am forgetting, of course, the even better option is to just hire a Merry Maid!

Well, that’s not happening any time soon so I am just going to have to learn how to declutter on my own. If you would like some great tips as well then you can subscribe to Barb’s blog via email or RSS. Give her a shot for a week and see what you think!