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January 25, 2011

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I just found a new site that can help you find a cheap honeymoon (although still to an awesome location). It is called TripAlertz and it is like a Groupon for travel deals.

You do have to sign up in order to see the TripAlertz deals, but all it requires is an email address. I used my “junk mail” email address, but I have not gotten any spam mail from them so I think it would be okay to use your regular address (especially if you want to sign up for vacation deal alerts).

Right now there are 15 different vacation or honeymoon deals available. They are to many different locations, including the Kalinago Beach Resort in St. George’s Grenada, a couple of deals in Rio de Janeiro, Washington DC, Portland, and many more. The vacation deals change every 6-10 days.

  • When you click on a travel deal you will have the option of purchasing it. Some vacations are all-inclusive and some are not so make sure you read the details.
  • Once enough people purchase the deal (most seem to be 4-10) then you get an even better price (even if you bought into the deal earlier).
  • There are early bird coupon specials for the first few people who buy into a deal.
  • The deal prices are lower than the other trip sites I checked (like Expedia, Sidestep, Priceline, etc). The key is you have to be watching so when a location you want becomes available up you are ready to buy.
  • You can also get referral credit if your friends sign up under you. Ask your bridesmaids, groomsmen, and family members if they would like to sign up and you will get free money towards your honeymoon.

It is definitely worth a shot. If you find a location you want to spend your honeymoon at then you can save 20-75%, which, when you are talking hundreds or even thousands of dollars, adds up to a lot of savings.


About Me!

January 31, 2010

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Wedding PartyHi!  I am Heidi from the blog Little People Wealth.  A wedding is one of the most expensive celebrations you will host.  You have to learn how to balance getting a beautiful, memorable wedding and not starting your life out in debt. Budget a Wedding will help you have a cheap wedding (while not sacrificing the things you want) so you can start your marriage out debt free.

I used so many “tricks” to budget my wedding in order to get the day that I wanted while staying under our budget.  We even had the honeymoon of our dreams (Hawaii) for two weeks for less than $1800 – food, plane, hotel, EVERYTHING.

I helped friends and family keep their wedding under budget and after brides started contacting me through Little People Wealth to ask me for more wedding specific deals I realized that there are a lot of people out there that I could help.  Little People Wealth is more about how you can save money everyday so I decided to start a how to have a cheap wedding blog.

I’m glad to help you save now so you can plan for a lifetime!  Welcome to Budget a Wedding!