Happy Meal

">A McDonalds McWedding on a Budget

October 22, 2010

in Reception, Wedding Attire

I am all for budget weddings, but this one goes too far for me! Although, I must say the balloon dresses are pretty neat; “I’m lovin” the red one. Not sure I’m lovin’ the cake though (or much else).

I must say, the original couple who wanted to get married in a McDonald’s because that is where they met was strange, but original, and maybe a bit creative. The copycats, that is where it starts to get weird.

The McDonalds in Hong Kong says they have gotten 10 calls a month requesting a McDonald’s wedding after that original couple. Seriously, 10 calls a month. Does anybody else think that’s insane!? Because of this, they have decided to start offering “official” McDonald’s wedding packages.

The cost is a few thousand Hong Kong dollars (a thousand Hong Kong dollars is the equivalent of $129) although the exact cost depends on what your guests order.

Your wedding cake is made out of McDonalds Apple pies. It’s hiddeous, really. I’m thinking the pink boa really adds to the green packaging though wouldn’t you say!?

Alcohol is not allowed so you will have to toast with your soft drinks. I wonder if the straws are optional…

You can use one of the signature twistie balloon dresses (okay, so like I said earlier, I think those look pretty neat. I wouldn’t want to wear one for my wedding, but I am seeing bridezilla chosen bridesmaid dresses written all over these!)

Oh, and I almost forgot, the guests will get a party favor – the happy meal toy.

The “venue” will not be closed to the public so you may have a few unwanted guests.

In other words, if you want to bring your wedding reception to McDonald’s you can buy your guests a happy meal, take a couple of pictures with some fries, and toast with paper cups to your hearts content… all for the jaw dropping price of a few hundred dollars. Does it sound tempting? I hope not!