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Eco-friendly weddings are becoming increasingly popular as people become more aware of their impact on the environment. When planning your wedding, there are a number of ways you can reduce your carbon footprint on your special day. Even making very small adjustments to your wedding plans can help the environment in a big way. From choosing your ring to deciding the venue, there are all sorts of things to consider, so here are some ideas to get you started.

Wedding Rings– People are becoming increasingly concerned about the impact of mining on the environment, so choosing a basic wedding ring is a simple way to help. The mining of metals such as Titanium, for instance, has less of an environmental impact than gold or platinum. Conflict free diamonds, recycled precious metals and wood rings are a wonderful alternative to gold and diamonds. You could always purchase a vintage ring from an antiques dealer or choose one that has been handed down through the family instead of buying a new ring.

Invitations– Send out invites that have been printed on recycled paper or card, or go completely paperless and invite your guests digitally via email. There are plenty of stationary companies using ethically sourced materials and eco-friendly printing practices.

Choosing a Wedding Dress– Buy a vintage second-hand wedding dress, then have it re-styled to suit your body shape. Alternatively hire a designer that will create a dress for you out of organic, natural fabric that has been dyed with vegetable dye. For your hair and make-up, choose products that haven’t been tested on animals and are made from natural ingredients.

Picking the Venue– Choose a wedding venue close to your home and ditch the car- there are alternative methods of transport you can use to reduce your carbon footprint. Travel to the venue in style using a horse drawn carriage or a rickshaw.

Catering– Opt for organic food and local fresh produce when planning the catering for your wedding. You can offer your guests Fairtrade chocolate and make sure your wedding cake contains free- range eggs.

Decorations– When choosing your decorations, pick candles that are made from soybean wax or bees wax and use a florist that creates arrangements with locally sourced flowers. If you have the time, you could even grow your own flowers. Remember to visit second-hand stores, markets and fairs to find old pots, crockery and tableware.

Wedding Gifts– Ask your guests to donate to a particular charity as their wedding gift to you. Failing that, register your gift list with a company that offers organic products and has strong eco-friendly values.

The Honeymoon– For your honeymoon, visiting somewhere in your home country would avoid the need for flying. If you really want to travel abroad for your honeymoon, then you could choose to stay in an eco-friendly resort or do some volunteering to help other communities. There are other ways to travel besides getting on a plane too; you could travel by bus, train or boat.

Now go forth, and be a eco-friendly couple! 


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I hate clutter… really. Despite that, I still have it (and I’m sure many of you do too). The crazy thing is, I do get rid of clutter. Then it comes back, again, and again, and again. When we first bought our house it seemed empty; now it is full.

Many of you probably already rent or own a home. It might be with your fiance, it might not (if it is not then you have the added frustration of trying to combine your belongings). Either way, you will have to add your registry items to your collection.

It is insane how easily it is to quickly accumulate “stuff”.

Here is where Barb comes in, she writes a blog called Cleaning up the Clutter. Here is what Barb says about herself:

My name is Barb. I’d rather be writing and reading, but first I have to make dinner, declutter the garage, clean the bathroom, get groceries, do laundry, check homework, make Play-doh dinosaurs, feed the dog, practice spelling words, sweep, shovel snow, pay the bills, put laundry away, plan a den meeting, read bedtime stories…

She has a great post up right now on Victorian style spring cleaning. I can hardly handle “normal” spring cleaning! I must admit I have looked on the Merry Maids site to see the list of things they do to see if there is anything I am forgetting, of course, the even better option is to just hire a Merry Maid!

Well, that’s not happening any time soon so I am just going to have to learn how to declutter on my own. If you would like some great tips as well then you can subscribe to Barb’s blog via email or RSS. Give her a shot for a week and see what you think!


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