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February 21, 2010

in Planning, Wedding Budget

Wedding Reception FlowersWeddings are expensive, but they do not have to be!  The Cost of a Wedding showed that the average wedding was just under $20,000 in 2009.The key to keeping that cost down is knowing what sort of expenses can come up and having a set wedding budget. Then, tackle each expense individually.  This way you can pick your own priorities and make sure you get them. There is no rule that says you have to have a 100% cheap wedding or a 100% expensive wedding. If you want to get a dress at the top of the line, but you do not care about serving alcohol then do it!
There are ten major expenses in a wedding and they are:
  1. Wedding Attire (Save with a Discount Bridal Gown). Your family members (parents of the bride and groom) and attendants will also have attire costs. You will not have to foot that bill, but they will appreciate it if you can help keep their costs down as well!
  2. Ceremony (officiant fee, wedding ceremony decorations, etc)
  3. Favors/Gifts – Save money by using gifts that can be used in the wedding.
  4. Wedding Flowers – You can use silk or real. If you are or know a gardener then consider planting the flowers you love yourself.
  5. Jewelry – Your wedding rings as well as the jewelry you will wear during the reception will need to be counted in your budget.
  6. Music – You will need both ceremony and wedding reception music.
  7. Photography and Videography
  8. Wedding Reception
  9. Stationary – There are lots of little things in this category that are easy to forget. You will need wedding invitations along with programs, reception cards, maps, and more depending on your situation.
  10. Transportation

There are easy ways to save money on each of these categories!  Go through each topic one at a time to find some budget reducing tips and sales.  One expense you may want to also include is the honeymoon (the average for a wedding honeymoon is 5-10K).

  • The reception is the greatest expense and it tends to account for approximately 50% of the budget.
  • The ceremony, attire, and photography/videography tends to make up approximately 25%.
  • The favors/gifts, flowers, and jewelry make up another 15%
  • The music, stationary, and transportation taking the remaining 10%.

You can have a beautiful wedding on a budget!