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">12 Tips on How to Plan a Flexible #Budget for your #Wedding

October 14, 2011

in Planning

Putting on the Wedding Ring

Wedding Ring - Tips to Plan a Budget Wedding

So your long-time partner has finally proposed and the two of you have picked the perfect date to exchange your vows. You’re looking forward to spending the rest of your life together. You’re packing your stuff to move into a place where you will raise your family. You’re saying goodbye to single-hood. But first, there’s the not-so-small matter of planning your wedding.

For most couples, the wedding ceremony is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, it is an event for sharing their joy and happiness with the people who are closest to them. On the other hand, it is a nerve-wracking, headache-inducing expensive project.

You may want to have a wedding that will rival Prince William and Duchess Kate, but then you’ll need millions of dollars to be able to do that—a luxury that very few of us are able to afford. However, money is just one part of the equation for a happy and memorable wedding ceremony. There are many different ways for you to make this day unique and full of precious moments that you’ll treasure for the rest of your married life together.

Here are 12 tips to plan a gorgeous yet budget-friendly wedding for you and your loved one:

  1. Set your wedding budget and stick to it. You should be firm on how much you’re willing to spend for the big day. Be realistic about your expectations and don’t try to stretch your budget to its limit—you’ll find that you need to shell out more for last-minute expenses that you weren’t able to anticipate.

  1. Limit the number of guests. Should you invite five hundred or just fifty people? This day is your day, so people will understand if you don’t invite them. That doesn’t mean that you like them less.

  1. Have a theme or master wedding plan in mind. Planning your wedding begins with having a vision of how the wedding should be like, including the color motif, venue, food and music. All the little details will add up to your costs so you should have a good idea of what you want.

  1. Ask your friends and family to pitch in. You don’t have to hire a wedding coordinator if you have an army of friends and family members who can help you with the daunting task of putting together a lovely wedding. Try to enlist their help in the tasks that you think they can handle.

  1. Don’t be afraid to canvas for the best quality (yet still affordable) wedding services. Your caterer and your wedding photographer are just two of the most important people who’ll be at your wedding. Make sure that you choose one that offers great services at reasonable prices.

  1. Skip the non-essentials. If you cut two courses from your five-course meal, perhaps you can invite 15 more guests. Would you rather have a table filled with food than with the people you love best?

  1. Don’t always buy brand-new. You can re-use the old table place cardholders you used at your parents’ wedding. This will save you money as well as create an even more inspiring atmosphere for the wedding.

  1. Always try to bargain. If your florist or caterer or photographer is any good, he will be able to come up with something good within your budget. Don’t be afraid to haggle. Remember that you have a budget to stick to.

  1. Tap into your creativity. You don’t need a fancy invitation letter made by professionals if you can do as good a job on your own. Put your Photoshop skills to use by crafting your invitation personally.

  1. Listen to what the wedding experts say. Your wedding coordinator has tons of great ideas for a reception venue that is within the bounds of your budget. Let him do his job and take his suggestions into consideration when you make your final decision.

  1. Take advantage of tie-in packages. There are some wedding venues that offer all-in packages including caterer, photographer and live band. This arrangement will save you lots of money as well as planning time, but be sure that everything is consistent with your budget and theme.

  1. Be hands-on as much as possible. Hiring people to do even the smallest tasks will certainly jack up the final cost of your wedding. You and your spouse-to-be should be personally involved every step of the way. This will allow you to stay on top of the progress of the preparations and make the necessary adjustments along the way.

When not out building relationships with other bloggers, Krisca Te can be found reading blogs that tackle how to save money. She is also a personal finance freak who is currently working with CCF, a personal finance blog that writes about financial literacy.

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Wedding Day Flowers

Wedding Day Flowers

When you are planning a wedding it is easy to forget something! There are so many small things that need to be done. The best tip I can give you for your wedding checklist is to do things as early as possible. You do not want to get down to the last month with a million things on your list! Here is a wedding checklist. Feel free to add things as needed!

12 Months

10 Months

  • Decide who will perform the ceremony
  • Choose your attendants (and be sure to ask them! We were in a wedding where the couple forgot to ask one of the attendents and was left wondering why he wasn’t participating a month before)
  • Start your guest list (you need to know this early – many of your budget wedding issues revolve around the size of your guest list)
  • Decide on the flowers you want. Consider using in-season wedding flowers or using silk flowers to save money!

8 Months

  • Book help! Caterer (sometimes this will come with your venue), Florist, DJ, and photographer
  • Create a wedding website
  • Order your dress – here is a way you can order a designer cheap wedding gown

6 Months

  • Meet with your vendors to plan details
  • Order the wedding invitations
  • Register
  • Order the wedding rings
  • Book your honeymoon
  • Reserve wedding day transportation

4 Months

  • Order the bridesmaid dresses and the groomsmen/grooms tuxes (or suits)
  • Schedule the rehearsal dinner

2 Months

  • Find your ceremony readings and songs
  • Mail your invitations (out of state invitations should be mailed around 10 weeks before the wedding, in state invitations can wait until 6-8 weeks before)
  • Decide on your hair, makeup, and accessories
  • Find favors for your wedding reception

6 Weeks

  • Print the programs
  • Buy gifts for your parents and people in your wedding party
  • Send the announcement to the newspaper

2 Weeks

  • Get your final wedding day schedule down
  • Get the marriage license
  • Give your DJ all the songs you want during your reception

1 Week

  • Pick up your dress
  • Pack for your honeymoon
  • Relax! Schedule any waxings or facials now

1 Day

  • Manicures and pedicures!
  • Get ready to enjoy your day

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Wedding Inspiration Board

Wedding Inspiration Board

Wedding pictures and photos are inspirational! They give you ideas for your own wedding and can even help you choose your wedding colors and dress styles. I have talked about where to find great wedding photographs before. is a great spot and you can create some neat inspiration or “mood boards” at BHLDN. But, what should you do with all those pictures once you find them? Saving them on your computer tends to take up a lot of space and they get lost in the clutter.

In comes Pinterest. is a site that allows you to “pin” pictures and posts from anywhere on the internet. It then goes on your board (you can create as many different categories as you want) and it is saved there until you take it off. You can save as many photos/posts as you want and you can even share them with other people. I have a board for wedding inspiration as well as boards for recipes, couponing blogs, eco-friendly things, DIY and crafts, and Christmas related things.

The downside to the site is it is invite only and it takes forever to get an invite. You can be invited by somebody who is already a member though so send me an email, tweet, or facebook message and I will get an invitation to you.

You can also take a look at other wedding boards once you are there so you can get even more ideas! Don’t underestimate the power of photographs.

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