The Rich Symbols of #Flowers

September 7, 2011

in Flowers

Tulips - Wedding Flowers

Tulips - Wedding Flower Symbolism

One of the most elegant and beautiful ways to decorate for your wedding is with flowers. Flowers are rich with symbols, especially in Western culture, so you may want to be aware of them before using them, lest you make a statement you don’t want to make on the most important day of your life.

The practice of assigning meaning is called floriography, and flourished during the Victorian Era in England. It was a way that lovers communicated with each other, using flowers and floral arrangements to send coded messages-messages that allowed them to express feelings that otherwise could not be spoken.

The nuances of these coded messages are now mostly forgotten, but some still remain. Red roses, for example, imply passionate, romantic love, while pink roses infer lesser affection, white roses suggest virtue and chastity, and yellow roses signify friendship or devotion. Sunflowers indicate either haughtiness or respect.
The daisy conveys innocence or purity. A pansy signifies thought, a daffodil regard, and a single strand of ivy fidelity. Poppies, especially red ones, a given for consolation at the death of a loved one. Irises and lilies symbolize “resurrection” and “eternal life,” and with their blooming and shining petals, are associated with the sun and the stars.

Perhaps as important as the kind of flower you choose to decorate your wedding is the color of the flowers. Don’t choose a color theme arbitrarily; make sure that it will match the kinds of flowers you want as well.
Many cultures in the world associate all flowers with femininity. In Hindu mythology, for example, flowers have a particular importance. The Hindu god Vishnu, who is one of the three major gods in the Hindu system, is often depicted standing straight on top of a lotus flower. For Hindus, the lotus has great spiritual significance and figures greatly in many Hindu creation myths.

So you can see that with the rich symbolism that are connected with flowers how important it is to have the right ones for your wedding. What flowers you choose depends upon the setting of your wedding, whether it’s in the park or church, and the site of your reception. Of course, you need to remember that the bride is the focus of any wedding, not the flowers, so you need to choose flowers that bring attention to her, and not the other way around.

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Aurélie February 4, 2012 at 12:11 pm

Violet flower on picture but the white ones are mervellous for wedding trust me đŸ™‚


Wedding Flowers Co February 9, 2012 at 12:56 am

With today’s global reach, seasonal flowers can now be had year round. Peonies, anemones and tulips are three examples. A lucky treat for brides who must have these gorgeous flowers.


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