Secret to Happy Married Life – Get Debt Free Fast

November 10, 2010

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When you’re single, you can easily take your own responsibility and pay off your debt fast. But if you’re to someone who is in heavy debts, you have to find out ways to get out of it. You must better cooperate with each other and find out debt solutions to lead a happy married life. Read on to how innovatively you can deal with the debt problems.
Ways to get debt free fast 
When you and your spouse both are in debts, you must try to get out of debts on your own first. But when you’re unable to do so, you may seek professional help and that’ll help you get out of it. You must keep certain amount aside to pay the fees for the professional help. There are certain consumer credit counseling agencies that provide free counseling sessions for this purpose. Get to know how you can get out of debts fast:

   1. Create a budget
It really doesn’t sound that exciting but it’s a first step toward being happy in your marriage. Since you’re both together in it, you must discuss your budget together and create an affordable one which can be easily followed. Create your budget in an excel sheet or just note your saving and expenses in your diary, it doesn’t matter as long as you both participate in it religiously. Keep some money aside for your emergencies and other sudden expenses.
   2. Budgeted honeymoon
You don’t have to go to any expensive places to be together. When you’re financially stiff, you can try to go to cheap yet fun places. You can save money and then after a year or two, you can take an expensive holiday. In a matter of 2 to 3 years you’ll be able to pay off your debts.

   3. Extra income
This can work for both of you. You can earn extra money if you look for ways on the Internet. You can start your own blog and make it popular by writing good content for it. If you’re successful in dealing with your debts, you can post this personal story in your blog. People would definitely read your blog if they see any other person with the same financial problems have been successful in overcoming them.
   4. Saving on eat outs
You can easily buy some vegetables and other food items from the nearest departmental stores and cook for yourselves. You can have good food at home and also a healthy regime. Since the food is healthy, you also fall sick less. Thus you also save on medicines that are often taken. You can save money from all these things and go for consumer credit counseling sessions that’ll further help you in managing your credit card debts.
When money problems creep in a marriage, they only multiply the problems. Apart from the ways above, instead of taking professional help, solve your credit card debt problems yourself by starting with the smaller balances first and then going for the larger ones. This way you’ll easily lead a married life.
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