Cost Effectiveness of Tungsten Wedding Bands

August 30, 2010

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Cost Effectiveness Of Tungsten Wedding Bands

With gold over $1,000 an ounce, buying two wedding bands in gold can be an extremely costly affair. Only tradition keeps people from considering other types of metals that may be more suitable for their budgets. Tungsten wedding bands are one of the best choices for wedding bands, if price is a factor in your decision. It is a one-time purchase that can be sized to your budget and requires no maintenance, unlike other rings made of white gold.

Low Upfront Costs

Since tungsten is an industrial metal, and not a precious metal, it doesn’t have the same high price as gold. You can get a simple tungsten wedding band for as little as $40 online. However, these are probably far too simple for most people, who will probably want to embellish the ring with other types of designs or alloys. Some alloys are cheaper, like cobalt, but they tend to create a tarnish effect over time, leading to either buying a new ring or polishing and grinding the old one – an additional cost. Nickel alloys are more costly, but they wear better and do not require maintenance.

If you add other metals like gold and platinum, the price shoots up. However, it will still probably be less than buying a pure gold wedding band. In this respect, if  you like the look of yellow gold, there’s no reason you can’t have some with your tungsten ring. Just be aware that the gold will wear way and produce a different surface while the tungsten part of the ring retains its finish virtually indefinitely.

No Maintenance

This makes this metal a very low maintenance choice. If you went with white gold alloys to try to get a silver look or finish for less than the price of platinum, you’d still have the cost to re-polish or re-coat these wedding bands when the finish wears off. That’s not true of tungsten alloys which is a very hardy substance that doesn’t wear away or scratch easily.

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